November 26 All Events

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November 26th, 2043 (November 26 2043)EventThe Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus ("Octavian", later "Caesar Augustus"), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony is formed.Julius Caesar Quotes
November 26th, 2007 (November 26 2007)DeathSilvestre Herrera, Mexican-born American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient. (born in 1917)
November 26th, 2007 (November 26 2007)DeathMel Tolkin, television comedy writer (born in 1913)
November 26th, 2007 (November 26 2007)DeathSteve Fossett, American Aviator (born in 1944)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathMario Cesariny, Portuguese painter and writer (born in 1923)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathRaul Velasco, Mexican television host (born in 1933)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathDave Cockrum, American comic book artist (born in 1943)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathCasey Coleman, American television personality (born in 1951)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathStephen Heywood, American builder (born in 1969)
November 26th, 2006 (November 26 2006)DeathIsaac Galvez, Spanish procyclist (born in 1975)
November 26th, 2005 (November 26 2005)DeathStan Berenstain, children s author (born in 1923)
November 26th, 2004 (November 26 2004)EventRuzhou School massacre: a man stabs and kills eight people and seriously wounds another four in a school dormitory in Ruzhou, China.
November 26th, 2004 (November 26 2004)DeathPhilippe de Broca, French film director (born in 1933)
November 26th, 2003 (November 26 2003)EventConcorde makes its last ever flight over Bristol, England.
November 26th, 2003 (November 26 2003)DeathStefan Wul, French writer (born in 1922)
November 26th, 2003 (November 26 2003)DeathSoulja Slim, American rapper (born in 1978)
November 26th, 2002 (November 26 2002)DeathVerne Winchell, American doughnut entrepreneur (born in 1915)
November 26th, 2002 (November 26 2002)DeathPolo Montanez, Cuban singer and songwriter (born in 1955)
November 26th, 2001 (November 26 2001)DeathNils-Aslak Valkeapaa, Finnish writer (born in 1943)
November 26th, 1998 (November 26 1998)EventTony Blair becomes the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to address the Republic of Ireland s parliament.Tony Blair Quotes
November 26th, 1998 (November 26 1998)DeathJonathan Kwitny, American reporter (born in 1941)
November 26th, 1996 (November 26 1996)DeathPaul Rand, American graphic designer (born in 1914)
November 26th, 1996 (November 26 1996)DeathMichael Bentine, British comedian (born in 1922)
November 26th, 1994 (November 26 1994)DeathDavid Bache, British car designer (born in 1925)
November 26th, 1994 (November 26 1994)DeathJoey Stefano, American actor (born in 1968)
November 26th, 1991 (November 26 1991)DeathEd Heinemann, American aircraft designer (Douglas Aircraft; born in 1908)
November 26th, 1991 (November 26 1991)DeathBob Johnson, American hockey coach (born in 1931)
November 26th, 1990 (November 26 1990)EventThe Delta II rocket makes its maiden flight.
November 26th, 1988 (November 26 1988)BirthYumi Kobayashi, Japanese fashion model
November 26th, 1987 (November 26 1987)DeathThomas G. Lanphier, American aviator (born in 1915)
November 26th, 1986 (November 26 1986)EventIran-Contra scandal: U.S. President Ronald Reagan announces the members of what will become known as the Tower Commission.Ronald Reagan Quotes
November 26th, 1986 (November 26 1986)BirthTrevor Morgan, American actor
November 26th, 1986 (November 26 1986)BirthKonstadinos Filippidis, Greek pole vaulter
November 26th, 1985 (November 26 1985)BirthLil Fizz, American singer
November 26th, 1984 (November 26 1984)BirthAntonio Puerta, Spanish footballer (died in 2007)
November 26th, 1983 (November 26 1983)EventBrinks Mat robbery: In London, 6,800 gold bars worth nearly ?26 million are stolen from the Brinks Mat vault at Heathrow Airport.
November 26th, 1983 (November 26 1983)BirthChris Hughes, American businessman, co-founder of Facebook
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)BirthStephan Andersen, Danish international footballer
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)BirthNatasha Bedingfield, British singer
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)BirthGina Kingsbury, Canadian hockey player
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)BirthAurora Snow, American pornographic actress
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)BirthNatalie Gauci, Australian Idol 2007 winner
November 26th, 1981 (November 26 1981)DeathMax Euwe, Dutch chess player (born in 1901)
November 26th, 1980 (November 26 1980)BirthDelilah Cotto, Puerto Rican actress, dancer and model
November 26th, 1980 (November 26 1980)BirthSatoshi Ohno, Japanese singer and actor
November 26th, 1979 (November 26 1979)BirthB.J. Averell, American online tutor and reality television contestant
November 26th, 1978 (November 26 1978)BirthMatthew Taylor, American bassist (Motion City Soundtrack)
November 26th, 1977 (November 26 1977)Event Vrillon , claiming to be the representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command , takes over Britain s Southern Television for six minutes at 5:12 PM.
November 26th, 1977 (November 26 1977)BirthIvan Basso, Italian bicyclist
November 26th, 1977 (November 26 1977)BirthForrest Griffin, American MMA-fighter
November 26th, 1977 (November 26 1977)BirthJohn Parrish, American baseball player
November 26th, 1977 (November 26 1977)BirthParis Lenon, American football player
November 26th, 1976 (November 26 1976)BirthMaven Huffman, American professional wrestler
November 26th, 1976 (November 26 1976)BirthBrian Schneider, American baseball player
November 26th, 1975 (November 26 1975)BirthPatrice Lauzon, French Canadian figure skater
November 26th, 1974 (November 26 1974)BirthTammy Lynn Michaels, American actress
November 26th, 1974 (November 26 1974)DeathCyril Connolly, English intellectual (born in September 10, 1903)Cyril Connolly Quotes
November 26th, 1973 (November 26 1973)BirthPeter Facinelli, American actor
November 26th, 1972 (November 26 1972)BirthArjun Rampal, Indian actor
November 26th, 1972 (November 26 1972)BirthChris Osgood, Canadian hockey player (Detroit Red Wings)
November 26th, 1971 (November 26 1971)BirthRonald "Winky" Wright, American boxer
November 26th, 1970 (November 26 1970)EventIn Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, 1.5 inches (38.1mm) of rain fall in a minute, the heaviest rainfall ever on record.
November 26th, 1970 (November 26 1970)BirthDave Hughes, Australian comedian
November 26th, 1970 (November 26 1970)BirthJohn Amaechi, American basketball player
November 26th, 1970 (November 26 1970)BirthAlex Taylor, Argentinian porn star
November 26th, 1969 (November 26 1969)BirthShawn Kemp, American basketball player
November 26th, 1969 (November 26 1969)BirthKara Walker, American artist
November 26th, 1968 (November 26 1968)EventVietnam War: United States Air Force helicopter pilot James P. Fleming rescues an Army Special Forces unit pinned down by Viet Cong fire and is later awarded the Medal of Honor.
November 26th, 1968 (November 26 1968)BirthEdna Campbell, Professional women s basketball player, retired 2006
November 26th, 1967 (November 26 1967)BirthRidley Jacobs, West Indian cricketer
November 26th, 1966 (November 26 1966)BirthGarcelle Beauvais, Haitian actress and model
November 26th, 1965 (November 26 1965)EventIn the Hammaguir launch facility in the Sahara Desert, France launches a Diamant-A rocket with its first satellite, Asterix-1 on board, becoming the third country to enter outer space.
November 26th, 1964 (November 26 1964)BirthVreni Schneider, Swiss skier
November 26th, 1963 (November 26 1963)BirthAdam Gaynor, American musician (Matchbox Twenty)
November 26th, 1963 (November 26 1963)DeathAmelita Galli-Curci, Italian soprano (born in 1882)
November 26th, 1962 (November 26 1962)BirthChuck Finley, American baseball pitcher
November 26th, 1962 (November 26 1962)DeathAlbert Sarraut, French politician (born in 1872)
November 26th, 1961 (November 26 1961)BirthLisa Moretti, American professional wrestler
November 26th, 1960 (November 26 1960)BirthChuck Eddy, American music journalistChuck D Quotes
November 26th, 1960 (November 26 1960)BirthHarold Reynolds, American baseball player
November 26th, 1959 (November 26 1959)DeathAlbert Ketelbey, British composer (born in 1875)
November 26th, 1956 (November 26 1956)BirthDale Jarrett, American race car driver
November 26th, 1956 (November 26 1956)BirthDon Lake, Canadian television writer
November 26th, 1956 (November 26 1956)DeathTommy Dorsey, American bandleader (born in 1905)
November 26th, 1954 (November 26 1954)BirthRoz Chast, American cartoonist
November 26th, 1954 (November 26 1954)BirthVelupillai Prabhakaran, Sri Lankan militant leader
November 26th, 1954 (November 26 1954)DeathBill Doak, former Major League Baseball pitcher (born in 1891)
November 26th, 1953 (November 26 1953)BirthHilary Benn, British politician
November 26th, 1953 (November 26 1953)BirthHarry Carson, American football player
November 26th, 1952 (November 26 1952)DeathSven Hedin, Swedish explorer (born in 1865)
November 26th, 1951 (November 26 1951)BirthCicciolina, Italian porno actress and politician
November 26th, 1950 (November 26 1950)EventKorean War: Troops from the People s Republic of China launch a massive counterattack in North Korea against South Korean and American forces (Battle of Chosin Reservoir), ending any hopes of a quick end to the conflict.
November 26th, 1949 (November 26 1949)EventThe Indian Constituent Assembly adopts India s constitution.
November 26th, 1949 (November 26 1949)BirthJuanin Clay, American actress (died in 1995)
November 26th, 1949 (November 26 1949)BirthVincent A. Mahler, American educator
November 26th, 1948 (November 26 1948)BirthShlomo Artzi, Israeli singer
November 26th, 1948 (November 26 1948)BirthKresimir Cosic, Croatian basketball player (died in 1995)
November 26th, 1948 (November 26 1948)BirthClaes Elfsberg, Swedish television presenter
November 26th, 1948 (November 26 1948)BirthMarianne Muellerleile, American actress
November 26th, 1947 (November 26 1947)BirthSusanne Zenor, American actress
November 26th, 1947 (November 26 1947)BirthRoger Wehrli, American football player
November 26th, 1946 (November 26 1946)BirthArt Shell, American football player and coach
November 26th, 1945 (November 26 1945)BirthDaniel Davis, American actor
November 26th, 1945 (November 26 1945)BirthJohn McVie, British musician (Fleetwood Mac)
November 26th, 1945 (November 26 1945)BirthBjorn von Sydow, Swedish politician
November 26th, 1944 (November 26 1944)EventWorld War II: Germany begins V-1 and V-2 attacks on Antwerp, Belgium.
November 26th, 1944 (November 26 1944)BirthJean Terrell, American singer (The Supremes)
November 26th, 1943 (November 26 1943)BirthBruce Paltrow, American producer and director (died in 2002)
November 26th, 1943 (November 26 1943)BirthMarilynne Robinson, American writer
November 26th, 1943 (November 26 1943)DeathEdward O Hare, American ace pilot (born in 1914)
November 26th, 1942 (November 26 1942)EventHolocaust: Shoah: 572 Norwegian Jews are deported to Auschwitz on the cargo vessel Donau. This was the first step on the journey to the death camp Auschwitz. Altogether the total number of Jews deported from Norway was 767. 25 of the deported survived.
November 26th, 1942 (November 26 1942)EventWorld War II: Yugoslav Partisans convene the first meeting of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia at Bihac in northwestern Bosnia.
November 26th, 1942 (November 26 1942)BirthMichael Devlin, American bass-baritone
November 26th, 1941 (November 26 1941)EventU.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a bill establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day in the United States.
November 26th, 1941 (November 26 1941)BirthSusanne Marsee, American mezzo-soprano
November 26th, 1941 (November 26 1941)DeathNiels Hansen Jacobsen, Danish sculptor and ceramist (born in 1861)
November 26th, 1941 (November 26 1941)DeathErnest Lapointe, French-Canadian politician (born in 1876)
November 26th, 1939 (November 26 1939)EventShelling of Mainila: The Soviet Army orchestrates the incident which is used to justify the start of the Winter War with Finland four days later.
November 26th, 1939 (November 26 1939)BirthAbdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysian politician
November 26th, 1939 (November 26 1939)BirthTina Turner, American singer and actress
November 26th, 1938 (November 26 1938)BirthPorter J. Goss, American Central Intelligence Agency director
November 26th, 1938 (November 26 1938)BirthRodney Jory, Australian physicist
November 26th, 1938 (November 26 1938)BirthRich Little, Canadian comedian and actor
November 26th, 1937 (November 26 1937)BirthBoris Yegorov, Soviet cosmonaut (died in 1994)
November 26th, 1934 (November 26 1934)DeathMykhailo Hrushevsky, Ukrainian historian and statesman (b.1866)
November 26th, 1933 (November 26 1933)BirthRobert Goulet, American singer and actor (died in 2007)
November 26th, 1931 (November 26 1931)BirthAdolfo Perez Esquivel, Argentine activist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
November 26th, 1931 (November 26 1931)BirthAdrianus Johannes Simonis, Cardinal Archbishop of Utrecht
November 26th, 1930 (November 26 1930)BirthBerthold Leibinger, German Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
November 26th, 1928 (November 26 1928)DeathReinhard Scheer, German naval officer (born in 1863)
November 26th, 1927 (November 26 1927)BirthErnie Coombs, American children s entertainer (died in 2001)
November 26th, 1925 (November 26 1925)BirthEugene Istomin, American pianist (died in 2003)
November 26th, 1924 (November 26 1924)BirthGeorge Segal, American Pop Sculptor (died in 2000)
November 26th, 1923 (November 26 1923)BirthPat Phoenix, English actress (died in 1986)
November 26th, 1922 (November 26 1922)EventHoward Carter and Lord Carnarvon become the first people to enter the tomb of Egyptian King Tutankhamun in over 3000 years.Howard Carter Quotes
November 26th, 1922 (November 26 1922)EventToll of the Sea debuts as the first general release film to use two-tone Technicolor (The Gulf Between was the first film to do so but it was not widely distributed).
November 26th, 1922 (November 26 1922)BirthCharles M. Schulz, American cartoonist (died in 2000)Charles M. Schulz Quotes
November 26th, 1920 (November 26 1920)BirthDaniel Petrie, Canadian-born television and movie director (died in 2004)
November 26th, 1919 (November 26 1919)BirthFrederik Pohl, American science fiction writer
November 26th, 1918 (November 26 1918)EventThe Podgorica Assembly votes for "union of the people", declaring assimilation into the Kingdom of Serbia.
November 26th, 1917 (November 26 1917)EventThe National Hockey League is formed, with the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, Quebec Bulldogs, and Toronto Arenas as its first teams.
November 26th, 1915 (November 26 1915)BirthEarl Wild, American pianist
November 26th, 1913 (November 26 1913)EventPhi Sigma Sigma is founded at Hunter College in New York City.
November 26th, 1912 (November 26 1912)BirthEric Sevareid, American journalist (died in 1992)
November 26th, 1910 (November 26 1910)BirthCyril Cusack, Irish actor (died in 1993)
November 26th, 1909 (November 26 1909)EventSigma Alpha Mu is founded in the City College of New York by 8 Jewish young men.
November 26th, 1909 (November 26 1909)BirthFrances Dee, American actress (died in 2004)
November 26th, 1909 (November 26 1909)BirthEugene Ionesco, Romanian-born french playwright (died in 1994)Eugene Ionesco Quotes
November 26th, 1908 (November 26 1908)BirthCharles Forte, Scottish hotelier (died in 2007)Charles Fort Quotes
November 26th, 1908 (November 26 1908)BirthLefty Gomez, American baseball player (died in 1989)
November 26th, 1907 (November 26 1907)BirthRuth Patrick, American botanist
November 26th, 1905 (November 26 1905)BirthBob Johnson, American baseball player (died in 1982)
November 26th, 1904 (November 26 1904)BirthArmand Frappier, French-Canadian physician and microbiologist (died in 1991)
November 26th, 1899 (November 26 1899)BirthBruno Hauptmann, German kidnapper of Charles Augustus Lindbergh III (died in 1936)
November 26th, 1898 (November 26 1898)BirthKarl Ziegler, German chemist, Nobel Prize laurete (died in 1973)
November 26th, 1896 (November 26 1896)DeathEmil du Bois-Reymond, German physician (born in 1818)
November 26th, 1896 (November 26 1896)DeathCoventry Patmore, British poet (born in 1823)Coventry Patmore Quotes
November 26th, 1895 (November 26 1895)BirthBill Wilson, American co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (died in 1971)
November 26th, 1894 (November 26 1894)BirthNorbert Wiener, American mathematician (died in 1964)
November 26th, 1894 (November 26 1894)BirthJames Charles McGuigan, Catholic cardinal archbishop of Toronto (died in 1974)
November 26th, 1892 (November 26 1892)DeathCharles Lavigerie, French Catholic cardinal (born in 1825)
November 26th, 1889 (November 26 1889)BirthAlbert Dieudonne, French actor and novelist (died in 1976)
November 26th, 1885 (November 26 1885)BirthHeinrich Bruning, German politician (died in 1970)
November 26th, 1885 (November 26 1885)DeathThomas Andrews, Irish chemist (b.1813)
November 26th, 1883 (November 26 1883)DeathSojourner Truth, American abolitionist (born in 1797)
November 26th, 1878 (November 26 1878)BirthMarshall Taylor, American cyclist (died in 1932)
November 26th, 1876 (November 26 1876)BirthWillis Carrier, American engineer and inventor (died in 1950)
November 26th, 1876 (November 26 1876)DeathKarl Ernst von Baer, German biologist (born in 1792)
November 26th, 1869 (November 26 1869)BirthMaud, Queen of Norway (died in 1938)
November 26th, 1865 (November 26 1865)EventBattle of Papudo: The Spanish navy engages a combined Peruvian-Chilean fleet north of Valparaiso, Chile.
November 26th, 1864 (November 26 1864)BirthEdward Higgins, 3rd General of The Salvation Army (died in 1947)
November 26th, 1863 (November 26 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Mine RunUnion forces under General George Meade position against troops led by Confederate General Robert E. Lee.George Ade Quotes
November 26th, 1858 (November 26 1858)BirthKatharine Drexel, Roman Catholic Saint (died in 1955)
November 26th, 1857 (November 26 1857)BirthFerdinand de Saussure, Swiss linguist (died in 1913)
November 26th, 1857 (November 26 1857)DeathJoseph von Eichendorff, German poet (born in 1788)
November 26th, 1855 (November 26 1855)DeathAdam Mickiewicz, Polish poet (born in 1798)
November 26th, 1851 (November 26 1851)DeathNicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, French marshal (born in 1769)
November 26th, 1847 (November 26 1847)BirthMaria Fyodorovna, Princess of Denmark and Empress of Russia (died in 1928)
November 26th, 1842 (November 26 1842)EventThe University of Notre Dame is founded.
November 26th, 1836 (November 26 1836)DeathJohn MacAdam, British road builder (born in 1756)
November 26th, 1832 (November 26 1832)BirthMary Edwards Walker, American feminist physician (died in 1919)
November 26th, 1832 (November 26 1832)BirthKarl Rudolf Konig, German physicist (died in 1901)
November 26th, 1828 (November 26 1828)BirthRene Goblet, French politician (died in 1905)
November 26th, 1827 (November 26 1827)BirthEllen G. White, American religious leader (died in 1915)
November 26th, 1825 (November 26 1825)EventAt Union College in Schenectady, New York a group of college students form Kappa Alpha Society, the first college social fraternity.
November 26th, 1805 (November 26 1805)EventOfficial opening of Thomas Telford s Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.
November 26th, 1792 (November 26 1792)BirthSarah Grimke, American abolitionist and feminist (died in 1873)Sarah Grimke Quotes
November 26th, 1789 (November 26 1789)EventA national Thanksgiving Day is observed in the United States as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress.George Washington Quotes
November 26th, 1784 (November 26 1784)EventCatholic Apostolic Prefecture of the United States established.
November 26th, 1780 (November 26 1780)DeathJames Denham Steuart, 4th Baronet, British economist (born in 1712)
November 26th, 1778 (November 26 1778)EventIn the Hawaiian Islands, Captain James Cook becomes the first European to visit Maui.
November 26th, 1731 (November 26 1731)BirthWilliam Cowper, English poet (died in 1800)William Cowper Quotes
November 26th, 1719 (November 26 1719)DeathJohn Hudson, British classical scholar (born in 1662)
November 26th, 1717 (November 26 1717)DeathDaniel Purcell, British composer (born in 1664)
November 26th, 1703 (November 26 1703)BirthTheophilus Cibber, English actor and writer (died in 1758)
November 26th, 1689 (November 26 1689)DeathMarquard Gude, German archaeologist (born in February 1, 1635)
November 26th, 1688 (November 26 1688)DeathPhilippe Quinault, French writer (born in 1635)
November 26th, 1678 (November 26 1678)BirthJean Jacques d Ortous de Mairan, French geophysicist (died in 1771)
November 26th, 1657 (November 26 1657)BirthWilliam Derham, English minister and writer (died in 1735)
November 26th, 1651 (November 26 1651)DeathHenry Ireton, English Civil War general (born in 1611)
November 26th, 1639 (November 26 1639)DeathJohn Spottiswoode, Scottish historian (born in 1565)John Scott Quotes
November 26th, 1621 (November 26 1621)DeathRadulph Agas, English surveyor (C. 1540)
November 26th, 1609 (November 26 1609)BirthHenry Dunster, English president of Harvard College (died in 1659)
November 26th, 1607 (November 26 1607)BirthJohn Harvard, English-born clergyman (died in 1638)
November 26th, 1504 (November 26 1504)DeathQueen Isabella I of Castile (born in 1451)
November 26th, 1476 (November 26 1476)EventVlad III Dracula defeats Basarab Laiota with the help of Stephen the Great and Stephen V Bathory and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the third time.
November 26th, 1436 (November 26 1436)BirthPrincess Catherine of Portugal, writer (died in 1463)
November 26th, 1326 (November 26 1326)DeathHugh the younger Despenser, English knight (born in 1286)
November 26th, 1288 (November 26 1288)BirthEmperor Go-Daigo of Japan (died in 1339)
November 26th, 1252 (November 26 1252)DeathBlanche of Castile, Queen of Louis VIII of France (born in 1188)
November 26th, 0783 (November 26 0783)EventThe Asturian queen Adosinda is put up in a monastery to prevent her kin from retaking the throne from Mauregatus.
November 26th, 0666 (November 26 0666)DeathYeon Gaesomun dictator of Goguryeo (other sources indicate death date as 664 or 665)
November 26th, 0399 (November 26 0399)DeathPope Siricius

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